ESG & Impact

Our commitment to sustainability is applied both externally, as part of ESG incorporation into the investment process, and internally through the adoption of sustainable business practices.

We are committed to responsible investment. This commitment incorporates transparency and fairness into all of our activities. To this end, we believe that an assessment of ESG issues is a crucial part of investment and operational risk management.

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Investcorp-Tages Impact Strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased global awareness of dealing with important social and environmental issues such as inequality, structural unemployment, health care and climate change.

In the words of a Gen Z representative (Giulia) we have addressed key questions to one of our board members, Panfilo Tarantelli (our baby boomer representative):

  • What are we doing to better change the world?
  • How quick can we act in finding solutions?
  • What is impact investing?

Giulia and all her generation will keep an eye on firms like us and how effective we will be!

United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Tages Capital became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in May 2018 and have used the following six principles as a framework across all investment activities:

  • Incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes
  • Be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership policies and practices
  • Seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which we invest
  • Promote acceptance and implementation of the principles within the investment industry
  • Work together to enhance our effectiveness in implementing the principles
  • Report on our activities and progress towards implementing the principles

Tages Capital received a maximum score of A+ in the 2020 PRI Assessment Report for its overarching approach to ESG strategy, governance and infrastructure.

Tages Capital reports to the UNPRI on the activities undertaken in each assessment year. The UNPRI Transparency Report is available on the UNPRI website following each assessment.

ESG Oversight

Tages Capital has expanded its ESG governance by establishing a designated ESG team with board-level supervision, with the mandate to implement responsible investing. The team is made up of delegates from key divisions involved in the investment selection, risk management and asset management process.

The role of the ESG team is to set the agenda for all ESG activities within the firm. The investment team member is responsible for the implementation of ESG integration in the investment process.

ESG Integration & Impact Projects

Tages Capital has integrated its investment and operational due diligence process to reflect ESG factors in the selection of alternative managers. The integration of ESG factors has been motivated by the conviction that such factors have a direct effect on risk management and performance.

The ESG policy, which disciplines all investments irrespective of geography or asset class, drives the due diligence process of all third-party managers. On a yearly basis, Tages Capital organises a manager survey to track any major change in the managers’ approach to ESG.

Events & Insights

Sustainability & Impact Investor Forum Virtual

How to manage an ESG hedge fund

Moderator: Manuela Cedarmas, Head of ESG and Impact Investing, Investcorp-Tages

  • Paula Luff, Director of ESG Research and Engagement, DSC Meridian
  • Lei Fu, Founder & CIO, Y2 Capital Partners
  • Jason Landau, EVP & Lead Portfolio Manager, Waratah Capital Advisors

Date: June 14, 2021  15:50-16:20 CET/CEST (GMT+2)
Location: Digital Seminar

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Investcorp-Tages Impact Investing Webinar

The webinar will focus on Impact investing in private markets and will host a keynote speech on Impact, a panel of practitioners on Establishing a Framework for Impact Investments, and a final panel on Challenges and Considerations on Impact from a Pension Fund Perspective and some of the challenges that can arise.

Date: February 24, 2021
Location: Digital Seminar

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IM|Power Sustainability & Impact Investor Forum

With new ESG risk and reporting regulation mandated across Europe, the building blocks are being laid to transition to the greening of the financial system. The forum will host an exclusive group of smart practitioners at the online only event to build distinctive, trusted ESG products and solutions.

Date: October 12, 2020
Location: Digital Seminar

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Itinerari Previdenziali Event – Integrated Welfare Forum

ESG indices, a new investment and social philosophy: Population aging, environmental conservation and better social coexistence based on rights and duties: this is the triple challenge that, under penalty of its very survival, our society will have to face in the coming years. A challenge that also directly involves institutional investors and integrated welfare actors, who can and must play a fundamental role, making responsible investment choices and committing themselves to the adoption of appropriate criteria (ESG).

Date: October 14, 2020
Location: Digital Seminar

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