A cohesive research process and portfolio solutions mindset

We have 25+ years of experience in providing customised hedge fund solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Our manager selection team provides broad and deep coverage of the hedge fund marketplace. In building our portfolios, we combine long-term fundamental views of the market opportunity set with bottom-up manager research and rigorous due diligence. Our team actively covers the full hedge fund universe including equities, credit, relative value, macro, event-driven and multi-strategy.

We screen a wide universe of investment talent globally, with a bias towards emerging or specialist managers with unique sources of alpha. We combine a diligent risk management and portfolio construction process with a solutions mindset to deliver non-correlated returns to our clients.

Customised Portfolios

We have developed bespoke portfolios for each of our clients, tailored to their portfolio needs and objectives.

While each mandate shares a common goal of absolute returns with low correlation to traditional markets, some mandates may be more return seeking in nature whilst others are more defensive.

Private Debt Portfolios

Private credit markets offer the opportunity to capture an illiquidity premium through long-term investments, while potentially benefiting from a high current yield, enhanced loan protection and better recovery rates.

Private debt markets offer a wide range of strategies that allow for the construction of well diversified portfolios, which should exhibit low correlation with traditional, publicly traded assets. The asset class affords the flexibility to adjust the risk-reward profile of the portfolio by moving up or down the capital structure. Given the range of mainstream and niche funds on offer across both primaries and secondaries, we believe that private debt portfolios are best implemented through a multi-manager approach.

Special Opportunity Portfolios

As opportunities arise, we may offer specialised co-investments sourced from our global network of manager relationships. During times of market ebullience or dislocation, compelling opportunities can emerge across sub-segments of the equity, credit and private capital markets. By locking capital over a 2-5 year investment horizon, investors may potentially benefit from higher risk-adjusted returns in areas of the markets overlooked by traditional hedge fund and private equity funds.

We began investing in special opportunities in 2004 and have committed over $1 billion in opportunistic capital on behalf of our clients. Examples include European private credit, non-performing loans and impact-related investments.

Impact Strategies

Tages Capital has been a PRI signatory since June 2018, and we believe that impact investing does not entail investing less efficiently.

Our dedicated impact strategies seek to invest in opportunities where social and environmental impact go hand-in-hand with market-rate returns. Our Impact Fund allocates to private equity impact funds and co-investment deals with local private equity managers operating in European countries.